Projector Collective was formed in late 2006 by the artists John Carter, Anthony Kelly and Jay Roche. These three artists all work individually but have worked collectively on various projects in the past. The main aim of the Collective is to encourage a collaborative approach to making visual art and the core members hope to work with or facilitate other artists in making their work in the future.

The Collective wish to create an arena where ideas can evolve and can be realised inside or outside the normal environment of the gallery. In pursuing this they aim to incorporate and use elements of the Internet and the idea of self publication as a means to creating a wider audience. Where a gallery space is used they are keen to look for more peripheral environments, either in non-commercial spaces or the use of non-gallery locations.

The Collective has a limited fund at present but hopes to build this to allow for larger projects that can incorporate invited artists. For the moment the core members will build on a series of conceptual projects that already include Projector Collective 1 - 'The last days of the President', Projector Collective 2 - 'I just like the lights', Projector Collective 3 - The Perfect Artwork and White Yellow White as part of the Dublin Electronic Arts Festival during October 2008.


Recent Projects include:

Projector Collective 1
The last days of the President - An event staged in the Wicklow hills. December 2006.

During 2007/08 new installation elements relating to this project have been exhibited at the Galway Arts Centre, The Catalyst Arts Centre, Belfast and The LAB, Dublin as part of the Artist Led Archive touring exhibition. A new work will shown at The Crawford, Cork in 2009.

Projector Collective 2
I just the lights - An installation at This is not a Shop gallery, Dublin. March 2007. A video piece from this project was shown as part of Point . Light . Sound . at the Sounds Electric Festival 2007 at Dundalk Institute of Technology. The Collective are currently producing a set of editioned giclee prints based on some of the images from the video element of this installation.

Projector Collective 5
White Yellow White - Projector Collective attempt to paint a room without getting paint on their best suits. This project formed part of the Dublin Electronic Arts Festival, October 2008.

Projector Collective 6
The Radiant City- Projector Collective made a series of editionable works and an installation at Common Place Amateur Projects Space, Dublin, Jan/Feb 2009. These works will connect to a larger project entitled Bright Shadow.

Projector Collective works in progress:

Projector Collective 4
Bright Shadow - An outdoor building intervention in collaboration with Via Collective at St. Agathaís Court, Dublin, Summer 2009.

Projector Collective 3
The Perfect Artwork - An invitation to describe your perfect artwork. August 2007 to present.

The collected findings are being developed into a gallery installation and booklet.


Projector Collective Members:

John Carter is a painter and installation artist and a founder member of Projector Collective. He has exhibited and collaborated regularly with other artists with an emphasis on events and works outside normal arts venues.

Anthony Kelly is a visual and sound artist who lives and works in Dublin. He exhibits regularly in Ireland and internationally. He has recently exhibited his work at the Ormeau Baths Gallery & Limerick University, The Catalyst Arts Centre, Belfast, Dunamaise Arts Centre, Portlaoise, and The Sirius Arts Centre, Cobh. Future projects include and Visualise Carlow and Shorelines, a creative exchange between Newfoundland & Ireland.

Jay Roche is a visual artist who has exhibited both in Ireland and internationally. He has shown with the Kevin Kavanagh Gallery, Dublin and the Fenderensky Gallery, Belfast. Rocheís current projects include Random Dream System and an on-line project entitled Open Studio. He is based in Co. Wicklow, Ireland.

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