Within The Glass Temple by Projector Collective
10.50, stereo, 2011

'Within The Glass Temple' began with a two hour live improvisation in response to fragments from the Sunken Foal track 'Beard of Mercury Switches'. We played various instruments, including guitar, piano, xylophone, bells and self made instruments in combination with field recordings, samples and live processing. From this session we constructed a sequence of the most intriguing segments and decided to listen to them over a couple of weeks with the notion of returning to the studio to do further treatments. Final work on the track was completed a month or so later when we regrouped in the studio and restructured the track with electronic processing and some new compositional elements.

The title itself evolved in a similar improvisory fashion to the music. Over the years we shared an interest in sacred, temple-like spaces: a clearing deep in the forest, an abandoned factory, or the white walls of a gallery. We often incorporate materials found in these places into our creative projects. Many of the sounds that we shaped during the studio process seemed to evoke the ceremonial, whilst others suggested glass-like, delicate and tenuous moods. In this context the temple becomes our meeting place, in which we can communicate through the medium of sound. Through here emanates music from within the glass temple.

On this occasion Projector Collective are
John Carter, Anthony Kelly, Jay Roche, David Stalling. 

Projector Collective / September 2010

To listen to ‘Within The Glass Temple’ please visit the Relay website by clicking here