Projector 2

I Just Like The Lights

John Carter Anthony Kelly Jay Roche

This is not a shop Gallery
26 Benburb Street, Dublin 1, Ireland, March 2007
Reception: Thursday 28th March, 6pm - 8pm

About the project:

Projector 2 - I just like the lights

Projector 2.0 is based around a sequence of short video clips recorded in the Akasaka district of Tokyo during March 2006 on a mobile phone video camera. A short conversation was accidentally recorded while filming and 'I just like the lights' represents an exploration of this moment. The Projector Collective have used elements from this piece of 'found conversation' to create an installation at This is not a Shop gallery space. This work is part travelogue and part exploration of the richness of even the most fleeting of experiences.

The video clips were shot late one evening in the Akasaka district of Tokyo. While filming, a very brief conversation was accidentally recorded which Projector have used as a piece of 'found conversation'. What stood out in this recording were the elements of misunderstanding and misinterpretation that were not so much a part of language but of perception. The participants in the encounter are both confused which leads to an intriguing exchange which has many levels of reading.

The conversation also incorporates references to a world of communication that would not have existed a few years ago and where people are far more aware of their own stereotyping than before. What Projector hopes to explore is whether this overload of information and technology can help us better understand the world or whether we are better off just admiring the lights...


Projector intend to produce a limited edition (75) set of giclee prints based on images from the installation. Each print will be 29 x 21 cms, printed on archival quality German Etch paper and signed by the artists.

Projector Collective was formed in late 2006 by the artists John Carter, Anthony Kelly and Jay Roche. The main aim of the collective is to encourage a collaborative approach to making visual art. Recent projects include Projector 1 - 'The last days of the President', and Projector 2 - 'I just Like the lights'.