Projector Collective 5

White Yellow White
(as part of Dublin Electronic Arts Festival 2008)

John Carter Anthony Kelly Jay Roche David Stalling

Versus? 1/2 Smock Alley, (Bottom of Cow's Lane) Temple Bar, Dublin 8
Performance Dates: Thurs 23rd October 12pm - 4pm,
Sat 25th October 12pm - 4pm, Sun 26th October 12pm - 4pm
Exhibition Dates: Installation on view at Versus? from 23rd - 26th October


About the project

Projector 5 - White Yellow White

The artists John Carter, Anthony Kelly & Jay Roche propose to paint a room first white, then yellow, then white again over a period of 4 days. While painting they will wear new suits with shirt, tie and new shoes. They will strive to avoid getting any paint on their clothes. In fact, the object of the performance is to survive the application of the three coats of paint without a blemish to their attire.

The project has its root in a folkloric story from the decorating world of a bet taken between two painters as to who was the cleanest and tidiest decorator. Wearing their finest Sunday best they undertook to paint the walls and ceiling of a room without spoiling their clothes. Only one was successful.

Projector Collective felt a resonance with the challenge and hope to heighten the experience, both for the artist and viewer, through the use of various electronic recording media which they will use to amplify and magnify certain elements of the process of the performance. For example, live video recording of the task will be fed to monitors giving viewers closer and more detailed views of the artists at work. An audio dimension will be explored in a similar way with rollers and brushes miked for sound. This documentation, along with photographs and the actual suits worn by the artists, will form the basis for more permanent work which will be compiled and created both during and after each event and displayed for the public to view. David Stalling will be assisting with this part of the project.

The performance will therefore consist of two elements - firstly the performance itself and secondly the exhibition element containing documentation and an audio visual recording of the performance

It is the fifth in a series of collaborative projects by the collective and will form part of the Dublin Electronic Arts Festival 2008.

This project is kindly supported by DEAF